Dr Amanda Frescura  
B.Sc Hons. (Cell and Molecular Biology) Kings College London
Ph.D. (Physiology)  Rhodes University South Africa
DBTh (Diploma in Botanical Therapy) IRCH 
Dip. Adv. Stress Management, SNHS
Dip. Holistic Nutrition, SNHS

Cert. Pilates Mat-work, FIE, London

MIRCH (Member of International Register of Consultant Herbalists) 

MURHP (Member of Unified Register of Herbal Practitioners)
Member of the Herb Society ID 2021112 

Amanda Frescura studied Cell and Molecular Biology at Kings College London and completed her Doctorate in Physiology at Rhodes University South Africa. She was a lecturer and researcher in Medical and Life Sciences for many years in South Africa before developing an interest in Natural Medicine, lecturing at the University of the Witwatersrand Medical School, Johannesburg and also working for the Medical Research Institute in Cape Town.  In a subsequent role at the University of the Western Cape she was seconded to develop academic programmes and curricula for the first School of Natural Medicine in South Africa and she assisted in establishing this School within the Faculty of Community and Health Sciences.


Amanda first began practising as a Health Consultant in Cape Town gaining experience in nutritional approaches to health from a holistic perspective and having some success with cases using a combination of herbs and nutrition. One of the most significant stages of her developing interest in natural health routes was to recognise just how insidious and profoundly destructive stress is to an individual,  pervading every aspect of a person's life - mental, physical and emotional - and debilitating the immune system.  Stress management is therefore, a fundamental part of restoring balance, health and productivity in a person's life. To gain a professional qualification in Herbal Medicine, she studied over 7 years with the International Register of Consultant Herbalists (IRCH).


Subjects studied include:

Medical sciences: anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology

Plant sciences: materia medica. preparation of plant medicines

Naturopathic Practice: philosophy of natural medicine, nutrition, nutritional therapy, hydrotherapy

Herbal Medicine: integrated case-based studies, case diagnosis, clinical skills, clinical practice, dispensing, practice management, dissertation. 


Amanda also holds Diplomas in Stress Management and Holistic Nutrition and is a qualified Pilates Mat-work Instructor and Dance Teacher and she enjoys the benefits of teaching and participating in physical fitness activities. 


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  Treatment Approaches

  • Herbal Medicine

  • Stress Management

  • Nutritional Therapy

  • Natural Health Coaching

  • Weight Loss Management

  • Sleep Management