Treatment Approaches


Herbal Medicine


Herbal medicine is a complete system of medicine for primary health care, steeped in tradition and established methodology. It was the basis of all health care before the modern drugs industry replaced botanicals, or plant medicines, known more commonly as herbs, with chemical drugs. Across the globe, there are various traditions accommodating local herbal practice and wisdom. Western Herbal Medicine is the system used at The Herbal Practice and its efficacy and validity is continually upheld by ongoing scientific and clinical research. It is particularly beneficial for chronic conditions.

Herbal Medicine is also akin to Naturopathic practice in that the person is always treated as a whole with natural methods aiming for long term health improvement not just symptomatic relief. Some of the methods used include those described below.

Stress Management


Stress is a necessary part of our lives. Its positive effects are to give us the extra burst of adrenaline needed to get through exams, job interviews and escape danger. However, when stress persists, it produces negative effects. It drains us of energy and erodes our quality of life. It eats away at self confidence as we become progressively less productive no matter how much effort we expend. Ultimately the body and mind give up with exhaustion and serious physical and mental ailments manifest themselves. 


However, it is possible to learn to recognise negative stress and manage it before it becomes too serious. Stress management can assist you identify the significant stressors in your particular life and offer practical tools and support to help you deal with them. There are many herbs that have a relaxing and calming influence over the nervous system to help relieve stress, others that promote natural sleep and still others that are highly restorative to nerve function.

Restoring health naturally




"My high blood pressure and weak kidneys were being treated with medication from my GP. However, I was unhappy with the side effects such as swollen ankles and the burden of chemical drugs on my kidneys.

I decided to consult an alternative Health Practice. Dr Frescura understood my concerns, reassured me and prescribed some herbal medicine. Over several months my blood pressure dropped and is now stable without the GP's drugs. I am very pleased with the treatment received and would recommend this practice to anyone."


Mrs. J. Somerset


"I totally trust Dr Frescura. I can put myself in her hands and know she won't do any harm."






"I don't know what you said to your client in the consulting room Dr Frescura, but when she came out she was a different person!"


Receptionist at Clinic

Nutritional Therapy


Most food we eat today carries less nutritional value than it used to for a variety of reasons. This means the choices we make are all the more important if we want the best health benefit from our diet. How food is prepared, cooked, which foods suit your personal life-style and constitution, and how to distinguish 'fake' food from 'real' food is part of our naturopathic and wholesome nutrition programme. Improved diet can make significant changes to your energy levels, the condition of your skin and hair, rates of healing, mood swings etc.


Specific foods and herbal supplements may be recommended. And for those willing to make the commitment, a stricter therapeutic diet for a specified period of time will give your body the holiday it needs to restore good digestion, reduce bloating, reduce acid reflux and a myriad of other niggling digestive ailments that appear when you are stressed and run down.

Natural Health Coaching

Looking after your health is one of the best investments you can make. Learning how to do this without becoming dependent on prescription drugs* and having to endure their manifold side-effects, produces a long term positive improvement to your well-being not just a short term fix. The 'way' you live your life affects your health, so finding a realistic balance of all the essential ingredients to a healthy life-style is the aim. It is our belief that the human body has the capacity to naturally move towards optimal health if given the right conditions. The overall goal is to teach you how to value and care for every aspect of your being, holistically, allowing innate homeostatic procesess to re-balance you.

Weight Loss Management


Dietary fads do not work and even worse, often cause a re-bound resulting in a worse outcome than the original case. The best result is always the one that lasts the longest and improves your overall health at the same time. Good nutritional choices feed your cells not your fancies. Food 'fancies' are often unhealthy habits which can become 'comforters' when living constantly under stress.  Changing these habits becomes easier when stress levels are reduced and when real benefits start to be experienced. The human body will tend towards normal weight if given good nutrition. The Naturopathic approach is to guide your body towards normal weight with good nutrition and lifestyle choices. It offers a programme and the support you need to help you make gradual adjustments to facilitate weight loss naturally and simultaneously improve your overall health and energy and stress levels.


Sleep Management


Good sleep is essential to your health. It is the time when your body and mind recharge their energy reserves. It is the counter-balance to activity. Life is about ebb and flow, light and shade, work and rest. Every cell in your body has a cycle of activity and recovery. What is often not appreciated is that it's not just how much sleep you get that matters, but the quality of that sleep. Poor sleep quality, especially if persistent, is a significant stressor in your life and will lead to ailing health. Conversely, good sleep quality will assist healing, improve motivation, productivity, achievement and have a positive effect on self-esteem. An evaluation of your sleep patterns, habits and activities around your sleep can bring these positive benefits to you.


“I was in excruciating pain for weeks from a kidney stone while waiting for the medical doctors to decide whether to operate or not. I became very depressed and bed-bound with the pain. Dr Frescura's treatment plan was to use herbal and naturopathic methods to encourage the kidney to pass the stone. Within three days it passed! It was amazing, like giving birth, the relief! Thank you!"


Mr M. 

What to Expect at a Consultation


A first consultation will involve taking your case history in detail and drawing up a treatment plan including a herbal prescription to address your current illness or concern, and address deeper, underlying causes that have led to your current health status.

Consultations result in tools and medicines to help you improve your health status in the longer term and turn around your mental and emotional perspectives.


Consultations will generally lead to an agreed strategy or treatment programme for dealing with a specific complaint or issue, with follow up consultations to monitor and encourage progress and make adjustments as necessary.


Typically a multi-modality approach will be used, which can achieve faster results through a synergistic stimulation of shifts and recuperative changes in the different systems of the body.


However, a single therapeutic modality can still be very effective, because all the different elements of our body are connected, and an improvement in one part will have a knock-on effect on others.

Consultations by appointment only


Initial consultation          -  90 mins £75

Follow-up consultations - minimum of 30 mins £35,  60 mins £55

At least two follow up appointments are usually required.

On-line consultations by Zoom, Skype, Phone - fees as above

Telephone consultations (follow up appointments only) - fees as above.

Home visits are by arrangement, an additional fee to cover travel costs may be incurred

Herbal medicines - £10 per 100 ml

Herbal infusions - £3 per 25 g

Topical creams and ointments £10 per 50 ml

Payments by bank transfer in advance or cash/cheque in person

All products are from suppliers to registered professional medical herbalists, are organic where possible and subject to rigorous standards of production and safety legislation.


The practice is fully insured and GDPR compliant

Prices are subject to change

Cancellation policy

Cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to treatment will incur a full charge



The Practice will accommodate this on a discretionary basis 



The Herbal Practice does not offer symptomatic diagnosis of clinical conditions, nor claim to heal diagnosed illness. Our diagnosis and treatment is based on naturopathic principles and an evaluation of the the whole individual, not on a set of symptoms. It is our conviction, in line with all naturopathic practice that the body heals itself if it has the resources to do so. It is our role to assist and manage this process towards the most positive outcome possible. Referrals to your GP or other specialists will be made where this approach is unsuitable, for example, where the patient is too unwell to respond to such treatment.


* The Herbal Practice does not recommend stopping any prescribed medicines without first consulting your GP, and recognises that some cases may require long term prescribed medication.