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Examples of conditions for which people seek help are often similar to those seen in General Practice

Digestive issues such as indigestion, bowel disorders, acid reflux, stomach ulcer

Cardiovascular issues such as hypertension, varicose veins

Respiratory issues such as asthma, cough

Skin problems such as eczema 

Sleep issues such as insomnia

Infections such as sinusitis, bladder infection, ear infection

Joint issues such as arthritis, rheumatism

Nervous system issues such as neuralgia, depression and anxiety

Stress related conditions such as restlessness, insomnia, anxiety


Low energy issues such as from burnout or after chemotherapy or radiotherapy

Menstrual disorders

Menopausal issues

Headaches and Migraines

What Clients Say

“I was in excruciating pain for weeks from a kidney stone while waiting for the medical doctors to decide whether to operate or not. I became very depressed and bed-bound with the pain. Dr Frescura's herbal and naturopathic methods encouraged the stone to pass within three days. It was amazing, like giving birth, the relief! Thank you!"


Mr M. 

"My high blood pressure and weak kidneys were being treated with medication from my GP. However, I was unhappy with the side effects such as swollen ankles and the burden of chemical drugs on my kidneys.

I decided to consult an alternative Health Practice. Dr Frescura understood my concerns, reassured me and prescribed some herbal medicine. Over several months, she weaned me off the beta blockers. My blood pressure dropped and is now stable without the GP's drugs. I am very pleased with the treatment received and would recommend this practice to anyone."


Mrs. J. Somerset

"Amanda’s work has been completely life changing for me. My symptoms have almost completely subsided and I haven’t had a big flare up since I started seeing her, so thank you!' The tinnitus is much better too'.My treatment has been efficient, professional & affordable and completely invaluable to my quality of life. No more debilitating nights in pain taking strong painkillers and sedatives!” 

A.C. Bristol

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